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Hya-zen-th Spray

Hya-zen-th Spray

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The scent of Hya-zen-th is rich, deeply floral, and slightly sweet, with a heady, intoxicating quality that can remind one of springtime. It's often described as having a lush, green freshness intermingled with the powerful sweetness of blooming flowers, evoking the feeling of walking through a vibrant garden in full bloom. This aroma is potent and can fill a space with its distinctive, memorable fragrance, making it a favorite in perfumery and aromatherapy for its uplifting and rejuvenating properties.


  • Distilled water
  • Premium fragrance oil
  • Emulsifier
  • Preservative


Safety information

  • Not intended to be used as a body spray.
  • Keep away from children or pets.
  • Keep away from flammable objects.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and face.
  • Spray in the center of the room and away from face and body.
  • Do NOT spray directly onto furniture or fabrics.


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